Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rumoured Dead Actress, Angela Okorie Goes Tough On Fans Again

The actress who was rumoured to have died last week Sunday, after she was mistaken for another actress who bears the same surname with her who died during child birth in Rivers State has gone tough again on her fans. It will be recalled that, while Angela tried to debunk the rumour, she said she wished the people who wrote about her death.
In a short interview with E24-7 Magazine after all the drama, Angela was quoted again to have said a similar thing; ‘Since they like death so much, maybe they will witness it’, she said. Continue after the cut to read what she said in full.

 “I was so shocked because I was wondering what was going through people’s minds before they could write stuff like that. How can somebody go on to write such things about someone who’s living? Obviously, the guy who first reported the story was trying to sell his blog but he went about it the wrong way. It pained me that nobody took the time to confirm such a story before putting it out there in the public. On who she thinks is behind the rumour, she said, “I really don’t know! All I have to say is good luck to whoever it is. Since they like death so much, maybe they will witness it.” 

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