Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Boyfriend Stole His Sugar Mummy's Ring To Sléép With Me - Readers email

Dear Olu Famous, please am not a bad person, I know I love good and expensive things but I didn't send my guy to go this far to propose to me. I've already accepted the diamond ring from him and shown it to my girls and even my family members before he came and told me that he "took" it from his Sugar Mummy's box when she went into the bathroom to take her bath.

First, he told me about this woman but claimed that she is his madam he worked for and that she pays him well better than any company will pay him with his HND. Now I got to know that he's banging her.

He said he has told her about me and that the woman agreed that they will end the affair ones we get married in few months. My guy told me that there is a Nollywood actor that was doing the same with one big woman and that once he got married the actor and the big ended their affair peacefully.

So, because of this I refuse to allow him have me again, I told him he can only get between my legs when he gets me an engagement ring and propose to me. That was why my joy was very obvious when he brought me this beautiful ring, I let him have me and it was wonderful after over four weeks without touching.

Now that he has confessed that he stole the ring from that woman, I don't think am comfortable because she is that type that loves to use police to arrest people because she has money but my guy said it was her former lover who gave her the ring before they broke up. That she may not need it again. I'm confused.

I'm 33 and I don't want to start all over looking for chewing gum boys again. What should I do?

From Vero ******

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