Saturday, February 15, 2014

See Bad Girl Maheeda Looking Very Unusual

Maheeda who is known back home in Nigeria for exposing her body cheaply travelled to Holland to be with her husband and daughter, but it seems the cold there could not allow her do her "dirty stuffs". After posting these photos, her fans have been mocking her, asking why she didn't take off her cloths in the cold:
  • One of her follower on the social media said: "Lolz can u naked over dis ? U go freez o."
  • Another one said: "I don't know u can wear a Gud cloth like dis ����Cold don catch ur head." 
  • A guy told Maheeda: "U for try naked for the cold na. Hahahahahaha, As naked dey sweet you na em make me ask o. Lolzzzzz"
  • But one of them actually encouraged her: "Wow! You look absolutely better with your cloths on. You should keep it on most time tho."
Maheeda is taking a break for now, so we can at least rest from her obscene photos.... -;)

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