Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Boyfriend Has Impregnate Me: What Do I Tell My Husband? - Readers email

Please my dear Olu Famous, I just need the truth on this my situation before I make a mistake. I was dating a guy before I met the man who proposed to me and we got married very recently. Although he slépt with me a few times in the course of our four months dating, I never told my boyfriend about him since he is living very far from my area, and he was also "having" me any time I visited his house.

Now there is a problem, I wish it never happened. I went to boyfriend's house to tell him about my marriage, he just grabbed me before I could even tell him my mission and we "did it" again. I lost control...

This was just two weeks to my wedding. On the morning of my wedding I started feeling funny and two weeks after our wedding I found out I'm pregnant. My husband did't sleep with me for like three weeks before our wedding because of the pressure of preparations and all that.

I know the pregnancy is for my boyfriend but I can still give it to my husband since the difference will not be a big one that will make him suspect me. My boyfriend knows that am married now but he didnt know he has put a seed inside me. He is not even comfortable enough to take care of a baby now.

No one should ask me to tell my husband the truth, I can't! Please what are the other options for me?

- A sister in stress.

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