Monday, February 17, 2014

I Apologise + Meet The Female Singer Who is Dying To Kiss Alex Ekubo

Sorry legends, I practically didn't work today, oh well, my bad! But you know what I did something meaningful, something God commanded and something you all would have been proud of if I had told you. But as a Christian you don’t, opps lol, but yes, you don’t. More so, got two projects I am working on, and the only days I get involved are Sundays! So just bear with me guys, this is what you guys prayed for, this is what you guys wished me, so just bear with me. Lol….
Back to the matter, Alex Ekubo done hear am. Check out the girl(above) who says she is dying to kiss his lips. Quick intro, they say she’s a musician, but I know she is just coming up. The young girl has a crush on Alex Ekubo and Davido, but says she prefers Alex more because he is cute and one in a million. Check out her interview after the cut (by the way, I culled the one that concerns us here), lol. See you in the morning guys! Pls don’t call me lazy. I am worn out!
Everybody Knows You As Tina, What Is Your Real Name?
“My Real Name is Augustina-Ikwo Peter Umah but my stage name is Tina Umah”
We Heard You Are Working On An Album, When Are You Releasing It?
“Well, am currently working on an album that will be released later this year. But I will be releasing two singles very soon. I can assure my fans that they will find the new work more interesting than my previous single
How Many Musicians Are You Collaborating With On This Album
“At the moment, am working on a collabo with Chidinma &Presh and probably we will have about five or more collabo’s on the album”
What Are you Studying In School
“Am a Thespian, am studying Theatre Arts”
How Old Are You?
“Am 20 years old”
You Don’t Look 20, How Come?
“Yeah that’s just my nature. When I was 13, I looked 15. When I was 16 I looked 18. Now am 20 I look 22.”
Are You Single?
 “Yeah…. Of course am single”
As A Celebrity Would You Date Another Celebrity?
“Hmm…. well, I think so. Or though it depends on the personality involved”
Which Nigerian Celebrity Would You Go For?
“hmm, well, I would go for Alex Ekubo & Davido”
Can You Be More Specific
“Alex Ekubo”
You Are 20 and Davido is 21, Don’t You Think Davido Would Be A Better Match?

“Davido is cool, but Alex is cute, he’s so down to earth, sexy, good looking and he’s one in a million. To be truthful, am dying to suck his lips.”

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