Saturday, February 8, 2014

Reader’s Mail: My Boyfriend Swears He Will Marry Me, But Needs Me To Lose My Virginity Now

My name is Kalicha. I am 25 years old. Second child in the family of five children. My parents are the best in the world as they never allowed any of their children to suffer. They taught us good manners too. Part of my plan in life is never to mess up with any guy, I vowed that no man will sleep with me aside the man I will marry and this will be on the night of my wedding. I have dated three guys but they all abandoned me because they all wanted to sleep with me but I refused. I cried so much to the extent that I didn't want to keep my vows any more. But I prayed ceaselessly to God to lead me in the right path to meet my own man.
God answered my prayer in a miraculous way as I met Charles. He is a perfect gentleman to the core and promised to wait till the night of our wedding. Our love candles burn brightly that I can't stand losing him. After a year of successful dating, Charles requested for sex more often, he swore with the bible that he will never leave me and I will still be his wife and the mother of his children. All what he wants is a proof of my love to him and the assurance that he owns my heart completely.

Readers I need sincere advice on what to do, should I forget my vows knowing fully well that promise is a debt or I should lose the man I truly love and at what age am I going to date and marry another guy again.

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  1. criosly!....he dosnt rily luv u...mayb he's avin sex wif sm1 else...if he truly luvs u..he wud wait