Saturday, February 8, 2014

Looking At Me...There’s No Way God Won’t Bless Me With A Rich Man- Chita Agwu

Chita Agwu is a fast rising Nollywood actress who just had an interview with Vanguard Newspaper where she spoke about her kind of man, her cars and how she moved from one apartment to another. Well the part I like most was when the reporter said, there was a report that she bought a brand new car after she had an accident at Ijebu ode, and Chita was quick to correct him that she has actually changed like two cars after the incident and not one like he thinks, lol. Enjoy the interview after the cut.

What will it take a man to date you?

There is nothing a man can give to me. I like someone who is honest and cute, because I don’t like ugly guys. If you also have the fear of God in you, even if you don’t have money, though I know money is important, I would consider. But, looking at me, there is no way God would not bless me with someone who has money. 

A report said that you bought a brand new car after that accident you had with your car in Ijebu Ode and that you have moved to a choice apartment?

I have changed like two cars after the accident I had and they are all brand new cars. As for the apartment; l had to move from my old apartment because it became too small for me. I only moved to a bigger apartment and not to a choice apartment!

You are very versatile when it comes to dressing, how come you dress the way you do?

I dress as the spirit leads. When I wake up in the morning, I just dress the way my mind tells me to. But generally, I am a tomboy as I love sneakers. My boyfriend buys them for me a lot.

What would you not be caught wearing?

You can never catch me tying wrapper on my chest. While growing up, my mum used to advise me a lot on that and she used to say tying wrapper on the chest will press one’s breasts down.

So did it work for you; I mean your mum’s advice on not tying wrapper over your chest?

I did and it actually worked for me! I am what l am today because l obeyed my mother’s instruction and took that advice she gave me. And l can say with confidence that when you tie wrapper over your chest as a woman; the tendency that your breasts would fall is very high. Many women can also testify to this also.

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