Friday, February 14, 2014

Lazio threatens legal action after claims that teenage footballer is 41

Italian giants Lazio have been forced to release official documents to prove that their player, Joseph Minala is actually 17 years old and not a man in his 40s. Most people don't believe Joseph (pictured left with a team mate) is a teenager. He sure doesn't look like one. (Read the initial story here)

Lazio also threatened legal action after a Senegalese news reported that the Cameroonian footballer was actually 41. Lazio and Minala's agent have produced paper work to prove Minala is actually 17. 

"Lazio denounce this latest attempt from hostile figures to throw a sinister light on this club. We reserve the right to take action against those responsible for the protection of the good name of the company and the footballer.' the club said in a statement.
Joseph also addressed the report on a Senegalese website that he confessed he's 41
'I have read the alleged statements posted on the website in which it says I confessed my real age which was different to what was stated in my official documents. They are false statements that have been attributed to me by people who do not know.'
Minala has had to delete his Instagram and Facebook pages because of the abuse he got over his pics.

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