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I Still Don’t Know How I Found Myself In A Strange Man’s House- Actress Speaks On Theft Allegation

Upcoming Nollywood actress, Yetunde Akilapa who was caught inside an apartment few weeks ago in Magodo has said her problems are spiritual. She said she was meant to go and give her clothes to a certain dry clearner before a spirit ministered to her to cross the road and take a bike to magodo, before she was found in the said house. Here is what she told Encomium magazine about her ordeal.
How did that of January 12, 2014 happen?  It was reported that you were caught sleeping in the dining room of a house in Magodo, Lagos, and the owner of the house met you there with the suspicion that you’re there for the wrong reasons.  Can you shed light on the story?
That day, I wanted to take my clothes to a dry cleaner.  Meanwhile, my younger sister had told me earlier that she was not feeling fine, I now planned to go to her place after dropping my clothes.  I told my friend, who I was putting up with in Ketu, that I wanted to go to Bariga, to see my sister. That day I also wanted to go to church but I didn’t know what really happened to me. I just decided to forget about going to church.  As I wanted to board a bus going to Bariga, something told me to cross to the other side of the road and take Keke NAPEP going to Magodo.  That was how I boarded the Keke to Magodo with my bag, clothes and four keys on me. Continue after the cut...

On getting to Magodo, I saw a house and went there straight?  I didn’t see any gateman there. I opened the door because it wasn’t locked. I entered the house and slept off in the dining room.  That’s all I knew till one man just came in and woke me up, asking how I got there.  He started interrogating me, asking me a lot of questions which I couldn’t answer. He didn’t accuse me of coming to rob or steal anything but he only wanted to know who I was looking for. But I didn’t know what to say because everything was like a mystery to me.  He said I should go out first.  As I wanted to step out, he instructed the security men there not to allow me move an inch.  They were all shouting, ‘Thief! Thief!!’
Immediately, he picked his phone and called his brothers, telling them he met a woman in the house when he came back from church and when he was leaving the house, he locked the door. So, he was surprised when he found me in their dining room.  How did she enter?  He started saying a lot of things, I was trying to explain to them that I didn’t use any key to open the door, I just entered and sat at the dining table, that was how I slept off.  I told them I was also confused, I couldn’t just explain how I got to the place.
That was the time I began to realize I was in a wrong place. Then, when the owner of the house came, he also started interrogating me, he said I should confess the person that sent me.  He asked whether I was sent to kill him.  He thought I came with fetish things, and I said no.  He said I should just confess.  He even said maybe I was sent to kill his wife. He never accused me of stealing.  As he was saying all these, I was just pleading, telling him I too did not know how I got there.  I told him nobody sent me there.  I came on my own but I was telling them I wanted to give dry cleaner my clothes.  And that there was a person that told me about the dry cleaner, they asked of the person’s name, and I told them it’s Bisi.  And they checked my phone and found her number there.
When they called to find out, she told them she didn’t say Magodo but Maryland.  That’s how they said I was not saying the truth, that I didn’t want to expose the person that sent me.  Before I knew it, one guy just hit me in the head with a club.  That’s all I knew.  By the time I regained my consciousness, they had invited my friend.  When she came, she was shocked to see me in that kind of situation.  She was screaming. Those people now concluded that they will take me to the police station but before then I was taken to one private hospital for treatment.
When we got to the police station, they started drilling me, and I explained the way I explained to them at the house.  They asked the owner of the house if I stole anything, he said no but the way they found me was suspicious.  He said he thought maybe I was sent by somebody on a diabolical mission.  Their pastor also came, and I explained the whole thing to him also, he now prayed for me.  He said my problem is spiritual.  He said God wanted to deliver me that’s why I came to that house that day.  But now, my problem is over.  That’s how I was asked to go.
Which church was the pastor from?
It’s Christ Embassy, Ikeja, very close to LTV 8.  I was invited to the church, they prayed for me. Then, they assured me that all demonic signs in my life have been banished. The pastor specifically told me that God had delivered me of evil attack.  Since then, I have not stopped seeking lasting solution to the problem.  I was told some people just wanted to ruin my life and career because they have seen my glory. I just thank God for everything.  People stood by me, some even added me on their Facebook accounts and BB, praying for me while some who I thought were friends turned out to be my enemies.
What step did your parents, especially your mom take on the issue?
They tried for me.  My mom even called the pastor, and he explained the whole thing to her. He said my situation is spiritual but everything was over.  And there won’t be any form of wrong allegation against me again.
Do you also believe the battle is over?
Yes, by the special grace of God. It has gone back to the sender.  I am not a thief.  I have never stolen anything in my life.
Do you have a man rocking your life?
Yes, I have a boyfriend.
How does he feel hearing all these about you?
He is not happy about the incident but stands by me all the time. He is a wonderful person.  He didn’t abandon me because of the incident.
What of your friends?
I don’t think I have friends any more apart from that my friend, Adeola.  She stood by me throughout the trying period.
What lesson did you learn from the whole palaver?
I learnt a lot but the only thing I can point out is to be very careful about the way you deal with people.  One should be very careful of being too generous.  For instance, that Titi benefited a lot from me, now see what she paid me back with. But I have handed everything to God.
Have you considered quitting acting because of the incident?

Yes, I thought of it but when I consulted my pastor, he said I shouldn’t.  My friend also advised me to continue.  The shame was too much for me but I thank God everything has become history.

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