Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dear LIB readers: My husband has threatened to divorce me if I don't circumcise our daughter

From a female LIB reader
I'm a 27 year old girl. I live in Nigeria now however, I grew up in England. I got married two years ago and gave birth just four months ago. The problem now is that my husband has asked me whether my daughter and I are ready for our baby's circumcision. He has threatened to take her from me one day and go and circumcise her at his grandmother's place. He has also threatened to divorce me if  I don't circumcise our daughter soon. 
I'm absolutely tired of this. I don't know if I should just take my daughter and run away. I really don't want my daughter to go through such pain and agony in life. How can you want to circumcise a female child in 2014 ? I really don't understand. Please advice me.

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