Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dear LIB readers: My bf flogged me with wire after I slapped him

From a female LIB reader. Kinda funny...
I'm a 19 year woman that has been in a relationship for 8 months with my boo, who is 34 years old. Every time my boo and I have a heated argument, I usually  slap him and then he would apologize to me, we'll then have make up sex. It's really the best time to have sex, make sense tinz. But 2 days ago he and I had our regular fights at his friends party because he was trying to collect one stupid girl's number. So while we were arguing, I slapped him in front of his friends and this guy didn't do anything till we got home. 
As I'm writing to you now, I'm at a local hospital close to my parents house because this bastard boy tied me to his kitchen door and flogged me with wire, because of a slap that used to make us have the best sex.
Libers this bastard man reads this blog, he as a matter of fact introduced me to it. Anyways he has been begging since yesterday. Should I forgive him or just fashy him. Heard once a beater always and forever a beater. advice me please because my parents have never flogged me with wire before. 


  1. Forgive him and learn how to kepp ur mouth shout wen ever is talking wt anger, if he is meant for u he will surely be yours, no mata wat he so. Learn not to keep maris wt a man

  2. Babes forgive him(mumu)run bak n collect makeup sex(ashawo)den talk bak to him wen having argument(na ur mate)possibly slap him(ova liver)den receive d beating of ur life(once again mumu)...dats ur destiny...

  3. Baby dis guy loves u, becos not all men can tolorete a lady's slap in a public, so accept him back and learn 2 give him some respect ok!