Friday, October 4, 2013

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To The U.S

One thing Nairaland has taught me; I have learned that so many Nigerians living in Nigeria want anything BUT Nigeria. Some make it a lifelong MISSION to come to America where they "believe" it is the "LAND OF THE FREE" and "ANYONE" can make it. These Nigerians save and save and hustle to DO ANYTHING to come to "America" / Yankee. They give up EVERYTHING they ever had or knew to come and "enjoy" greener pastures (or so their TVs informed them). However 5 years into staying in America they realize that Life was more manageable than they could ever imagine in America. Here are some pointers on the REAL AMERICA, to those living in America feel free to add in.

1. America is NOT FUN when you do not know anybody. If you are coming here "on your own" and THINK you can easily "settle down", think again. You need an address at the airport and almost everything you need to do here requires an address. Ekene your "guy" from primary 6 can only allow you stay in his house for so long before he will require you to pay rent. Tosin your paddy from Lagos is not going to be your guide forever which leads to the next bit

2.Nothing is free in America. Absolutely nothing. DO NOT expect Okwudili to give you a ride to work, he will ask you for gas money. You are either going to join Okwudili in "hustling" or get your own life, which you will learn is HARD especially for immigrants.

3. Life is toughER for Immigrants in America. From not having a SSN to get jobs, to people simply discriminating for your "accent". You will LEARN that America is not the least bit tolerant for immigrants. Especially if you come to places that are predominantly white. Unfortunately what I end up seeing Nigerians adopt is the "akata" way. A LOT of them end up trying to speak ebonics and they just sound silly and ridiculous. "nigggaz is tryna hoop yo". No. Your azz never hooped before when did you become a "niggga tryna hoop"?

4. Dressing. Appearance is EVERYTHING

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