Friday, October 4, 2013

A Poem To AGAGU And The 16 - R.I.P

Day break has come with breaking news
That the bird has fallen on the ground
Its wings swallowed in its throat
Its claws has punctured its intestines
Right now the ground hugs the remains.

The town crier has gone to town
To announce to the town with a cry
That the bad drummer has arrived our town
I can hear the pathetic sound of his flute
The one he blows whenever there is a hue
I can see the sky so dark
From the east west north plus south
The storm is rough, tough on our turf
The bird has come down on its nose
Can the mouth and eyes runaway
As this bad kisses the ground?

I hate the sound of this drum
Wish I can stop the beats
But how do I kill these sounds
When I can't see the hands that beat this drum?
Bad drummer why did you come today
As usual without sending word?
We were not ready to dance your dance but you made us to dance your dance
A dance devoid of joy
Each step is pain and grief.

Why are you so unfair with us?
Won't you at least spare a second
Without beating your drum to take away our joy?
Imagine your argument today;
You beat your drum and he danced and fell on his back
His brothers and sisters that watched
Rushed to return home with him
You beat the drums of departure
To make the journey home a disaster
When you sing everyone whose name you call dances
I still wonder what you have in your bad voice
That drags men like cows to drink from your bucket
Please tell me what is the secret of your secrets
That makes your wicked hands invisible
Like those of a thief invisible.

You are hated and never invited
You are a sadist and so never welcomed
Yet you are stubborn and defiant with your visits.

Today while the bird was up
High up on the sky
Your drum of hell came on air
Your voice of doom with its melody
Came again with the song of departure
Many of those the bird had carried
Hypnotized by the sweetness of your wicked voice
Danced to your tune and kissed you
The bird has fallen on this bad day
Fifteen of them that kissed you
Have walked away to join their ancestors
You are a bad lover and I hate you
Open your eyes and see what you have created
The whole town is covered with a rainbow
Of ugly and dull colors
Pain grief cry and lamentation
As the bird crashed again in Lagos
Agagu went without farewell
And now fifteen have followed him
They too did not tell us goodbye.

I wish my ears will hear not this music
But I hear nothing stops it from booming
Its melody penetrating
The effects full of infection
Everyone must dance to this music
On land, water, rock or up in the sky
Today, tomorrow or next year
The music and song we shall all hear
And the dance to return home we must all dance
The way these fifteen did when the bird crashed down
To crush and break the wings of survival
Their flight ended as the eye twinkles
Just like this bird is a
So are life and death beyond comprehension
Adieu Agagu and the fifteen!

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